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My first paid Mamabird Interviews - Areyana

On July 27 and July 28, 2020, I completed my first two paid Mamabird Interviews. It was a very exhilarating experience, and in those moments I was able to see how far I have truly come as a person, all thanks to Mamabird. It had taken me some time to schedule them, and at a certain point in time I began to doubt myself. I watched my teammates schedule and complete amazing interviews, and I was so proud of them! At the same time, I worried about my own contribution to the team, and what I was doing wrong. However, with the support of my team and continued persistence with contacting my clients, I managed to schedule and complete my first two. The interviewees were amazing people, and it made me really consider the amount of people that exist in the world, and how they each have their own story to tell. 

I learned that I don’t always need to be scared of speaking with people. I have always had a sort of fear of communicating because of the reaction I feel like people may have, but I learned that more often than not, people are kind and will react to you positively if you interact with them positively. People are understanding and we are inherently communicative. There is a reason why family has always been such an important factor of human existence and development. I learned some organizational skills, and also some management skills. These interviews have had a far reaching impact in my life that will help me for forever. 

I also see ways that I can continue to improve. There were times that I forgot to ask a seemingly simple yet important question over the phone, such as their time zone. Little things like this add up and can mean a lot to the client in terms of how professional I look and appear. I am also learning how to be more assertive, in a positive way. In the field of work that I am wanting to go into, it is important for people to know that I understand what I am doing and be able to give them clear direction. It starts with me understanding and feeling confident in my own self first, and that is something these interviews are helping to bring to light. 

I am very excited for what the future of Mamabird Interviews holds. When I decided to join this business 3 months ago, I was unsure of my ability to speak with people that I barely knew. Mamabird Interviews is helping to reveal my inner strength as a strong, young woman of color. While this has been a busy and intense summer for me, it is one that I will remember for the rest of my life!

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