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My first paid interviews - Yusura

In the past few weeks I was able to conduct 5 paid interviews. It was all very thrilling and exciting. Two of the five interviews I had were with a 90 year old man. During both interviews I learned so much. I want to highlight what I learned from him.

I learned that you can find the love of your life much later in your life. Being so young there is this pressure to find your soulmate. The truth is, you have time. You can find your soulmate and the love of your life at the ageof 50.

No matter how much you do with your life the things you’re most likely to remember are your relationships with family and friends. This man I interviewed accomplished so much and achieved so much yet when I asked him what he was most proud of he gave an answer I wasn’t expecting. He responded, “ My greatest accomplishments are my wife and kids.” This just illustrates the importance of investing and strengthening our relations with one another.

I want to travel like so many other people, but I never thought about what it will take mentally to travel. I have learned from this interview travelling requires for an individual to be open to new cultures, new practices, and new ideas. Travelling I have learned from this interview, requires an individual to be open to new cultures, new practices, and new ideas. have also learned that traveling will change you to be able to be open to other cultures and beliefs

During the interview my client carefully chose what he wanted to share and what he thought it was most important. At times he even caught himself on a thought, as he didn't want that story or thought to distract from his true lessons. These interviews showcase what we as humans think is most important to share and leave behind for our loved ones, and their loved ones to learn from. Every interview I am lucky enough to conduct is powerful in so many different ways. I am grateful and honored to have the experience of interviewing you and your loved ones. Thank you for believing in me

- Yusura Ali

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