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How Mamabird Interviews will change lives - Yusura

Who am I?

My name is Yusura Ali. I am a first generation immigrant, a first generation college student, a recent high school graduate, a sister, a student, a muslim, and a black women. I am many things to many different people. There aren’t enough words in the world I can string together to define who I am as a person. My culture, my religion, my race, my ethnicity, my age, my gender, my experiences, and my communities all contribute to who I am.

From a very young age I would profusely try to separate my physical identity from my overall identity. I saw my identity as a black muslim women as limiting due to the lack of representation I saw in the media. I would avoid topics about religion, gender, and race. I usually did this by isolating myself from my peers and even from classmates who were in the same boat as me. As a result, I missed out on meeting amazing people with amazing talents. I also grew weary of speaking out and speaking up. However in these past couple of years I have found strength and confidence in my identity as an African American Muslim Women. I have found value and importance in my voice and the voice of many others similar to me. I want to continue to empower myself and those around me. I want to show the world the power and talent in underrepresented communities.

MamaBird aims to uplift young women of color. Before joining the Mamabird team, I lacked confidence and belief in myself. Being part of this team has shown me all that I am capable of and has shown me a possible future I never dreamt of.

Why are these interviews important?

I am full of stories, memories, and experiences. So are my parents and grandparents. All of our parents, our grandparents are full of stories and knowledge. Being able to watch your relatives or friends talk about their experiences and their memories has so much value. We can already gain so much from reading about our loved ones lives, imagine now hearing them tell you these stories and experiences and being able to access those stories at any given time. We continue to live in this world through the memories and stories of others.

How will making money change my life?

Money has power, and how you chose to spend your money reflects what you chose to give power to. By investing your money into MamaBird, you’re choosing not only to invest into the stories of your loved ones but also giving power to amazing young women. I want to give so much to so many people, but I can’t give what I don’t have. The money I will be making from Mamabird will allow me to grow and help uplift others in the same situation as myself.

What will I do when doors open for me?

If more doors open for me, I promise to always come back to the communities I have been raised in. I have grown and learned so much from being in Montbello and from living in the projects. The more I gain the more I will give back. Mamabird doesn’t start and stop at me, Mamabird will continue to grow and give so much to this world.

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