100% of this money will go to the interviewer. 
It is our goal to interview 100 graduates this year and put $10,000 into the pockets of our amazing interviewers who are so amazing at what they do, and also so deserving. Win/Win/Win



A full refund will be provided if you are not happy with your interview.

***No Risk*** 

Support some amazing young women. Support your child or yourself! Win/Win/Win



Would you like to go back in time and revisit your thoughts, hopes and dreams right after you graduated High School? College? Would it bring you peace to know that your parents and grandparents had watched this interview, and knew how much you appreciate all they had done to support and encourage you.

We interview graduates in order to capture

  • their love for their parents who supported them

  • their growth ( emotional & intellectual)

  • their hopes and dreams for the future 

  • defining moments in their education

  • teachers they learned the most from 

  • friends they want to stay connected to

Graduation Ceremony

I wish I had something like this when I was a senior. What a gift for our son's future.

As a parent I know my daughter loves me, but something about hearing it said behind my back was wonderful. She has worked so hard to get to where she is, and this recording will be such a gift for her future.

I learned things I never knew about my own son. I loved watching this interview. You all are doing such great work.



One of our amazing community members will conduct and record a Zoom interview with the graduate(s) of your choosing in order to capture their essence. We will document their love for family, stories, and wisdom . The process takes about an hour. This recording will one day be invaluable to you and your entire family. 

Now combine a video that will one day be priceless with the knowledge that you are also helping an amazing young person on their path to success. Please take the time to read our interviewers blog posts about how this work is changing their lives.