Nerves about being recorded

This is where our women do an amazing job of putting you at ease. They are skilled conversationalists, they are intelligent, empathetic, and wonderful listeners. 

This low tech Zoom solution also helps. Everyone is used to video chatting now. It is done in the comfort of your own home.

The Cost

We have lowered our prices significantly so that we could do so much more of this work. At a minimum, your money is going to empower and open doors for an AMAZING young person who has grown up in systems that perpetuate marginalization. 

On top of that, we REALLY believe in our product. This recording will be incredibly entertaining for someone to watch now, and it will also have even more value in the future.

Low Quality Recording

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I'm Not Interesting

So not true. To the people who love you, the people who know you. This will be a true gift for them to watch. For your future self, this will be a true gift to watch. Plus, we are told time and time again, that the experience itself is actually very fun. We barely pause to reflect on our past or our future.

I can do it myself

We love that! Do it! Let us know if you want us to be an accountability partner here. But you probably will never get to it. It is an awkward ask, it is never a priority. Plus we have noticed that conversing with a stranger yields much better stories and emotions. Also, you get to watch it for the first time! Empower us to do this work for you.

Love the idea, but I will wait 

Tomorrow is not promised. You will never regret recording your loved ones, but you will regret not doing it. Plus, our women need to be empowered ASAP. Let's change the world