* The Business: Conducting recorded online Legacy Interviews of your loved ones. In these recordings we will ask and document your family history, traditions, childhood, adulthood, advice, and wisdom. This recording will one day become priceless. 

Why we do it: To provide a valuable service, while empowering and opening doors for young Black, Latina and Indigenous women. 

Who we are: An educator and three former students, now peers. 

Attention Grabbers: 


  • Janine (founding member), is a military wife, young mother of 1 with 1 on the way. Joined the military herself but was unable to stay due to a medical condition. Janine is a great story. 

  • Yusura (founding member), was born in a refuge camp Kenya after her family fled war-torn Somalia. Came to America at 6, became Valedictorian. Yusura is a great story. 

  • Areyana (founding member), is double majoring in Media Studies and Journalism with a minor in Leadership on a full ride scholarship to CU Boulder. Areyana is a great story.

  • Dr. Clarke (founding member), is a High School teacher hiring 10 of his own students as paid interns. Dr. Clarke became aware of his many privileges (White, Male, Straight, etc. etc. etc.) only a few years ago. He holds 4 degrees and has personally invested over $10K of his own money into this business to put his money where his mouth is. That our young women of color are the future of this country. Once they have power and doors opened, they will make this a better world. Clarke is a great story.    



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Mamabird Interviews is a great story

Unique set of founders: Mamabird Interviews was founded by an educator that became very aware of his many privileges (White, Male, Straight) and 3 former students all young women of color. Dr. Clarke has invested over $10,000 of his own money (a lot for an educator), because it's time to put his money where his mouth is an invest in these amazing young women. 

Mission statement: To empower and open doors for young women of color. Money = Power. Get money in these young women's hands, give them options to choose their own paths. Watch them lead, and watch the world change.  The sooner these women gain power, the better the world will become. 

What we do: Mamabird is a startup company that interviews and records people's loved ones using zoom. It is our job to capture a persons essence, and create a time capsule that will one day become priceless. 

Business model: The young women of Mamabird Interviews are all independent contractors who are learning how to start their own business. For each $333 interview, they receive $200. They will be able to do a maximum of 5 interviews a week, and then we will bring on more young women. The goal of this business is for them to find other revenue streams outside of Mamabird Interviews. They will then outgrow us, and have the time and money to then pursue their own passions. This scales beautifully and has the potential to change our community, and we believe the world.


Yusura's story 
Featured on Next with Kyle Clark


Clarke's Paternal Grandmother. Grandma Doris passed away in 2010, and this interview conducted by Clarke's father is now priceless. He can one day share her smile, her laugh, and her voice with his children. What value can you put on that?


Clarke's Maternal Grandmother who also passed away in 2010. One of the proudest moments of his life was interviewing his Grandma Nina. This is not only a gift her him, but his whole family. Clarke's daughter carries on Grandma Nina's legacy with her middle name, as well as with her feisty and independent spirit! When she is older she will be able to watch this interview and connect with her namesake on a level that photos are unable to achieve.