Empowering and opening doors for young women of color.

It is our belief that young women are the future.  Mamabird Interviews is a slingshot, the sooner these amazing young women get power in our society, the sooner our society becomes more just. Many lessons are learned through this work and this intersectional interview will be a treasure for years to come. Please do something good for both yourself, and us and reach out today about interviewing your loved ones.



My name is Areyana Proctor. I am currently a sophomore at CU Boulder where I am double majoring in journalism and media production and I am minoring in Leadership Studies. My ultimate goal in life is to own my own media production company and find ways to empower disenfranchised voices through something I love doing, telling stories. I have lately also been considering going to grad school and furthering my research with that subject, so we’ll see where life takes me in that regard. When applying to colleges, I got into both Howard and NYU, which was very exciting but I made the decision to attend CU Boulder which i am glad I did because I don’t have to be in debt. I think my hard working attitude, my grades, and being valedictorian has helped me a lot, but I also think my story and what I have had to overcome to be here today is what has also helped me a lot. At a young age, I battled divorced parents and a broken household, poverty that I didn’t realize at the time was pretty much homelessness, and an underfunded school system that continued to fail students like me. I saw these challenges as a chance to push myself and be better, and here I am now today. I want to take the privilege that I now have of being in college to continue to help empower others and make a difference in the world. Mamabird is a huge stepping stone towards that direction and has helped me so much. Before Mamabird I used to be a shy person that was scared to take chances, I would have been unable to speak to you. Months later, I find myself empowered and ready to make a difference in the world, and have even been able to do things like upgrade my computer for editing because of Mamabird

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Janine is currently a stay at home mom and military spouse working from home and managing her household. Janine holds space for amazing, extraordinary, everyday people of all backgrounds to share their stories and teachings. There is so much more to Janine's story, but she is busy moving the world forward with her work as lead interviewer



My name is Yusura Ali. I am in a weird position with the status of college, this is my first year in college out of high school but credit wise I am somewhere between a sophomore and junior in college. I am 18 years old, I joined mamabird while I was in highschool at the age of 17. I was the valedictorian of my high school, I am always embarrassed to tell people I was the valedictorian but with mamabird I have learned to accept it and be proud of myself for achieving that status. I am a first generation student and an immigrant. My family came to America when I was six years old. I do not have a clear path with what I want to achieve in my life, but I know that I want to use my experiences and education to help others. I am interested in specifically helping families, immigrants, and young women with navigating life and getting the resources they need. I attend University of Colorado Denver, I am majoring in Anthropology with a minor in human development and also I am working towards a certificate in immigration studies. I am also a student representative of CU Denver. I am excited to be in this meeting and to learn from everyone.



Karla is a mother of 3. She is currently going back to college in order to become a registered oncology nurse. Karla is our business and customer service manager and has an amazing business acumen. Karla has a passion for stories and is an amazing mentor to our younger community members.



Dan Clarke will be the first to tell you that everything he has been able to achieve is due to the many privileges he has.  Now is the time to use that privilege to empower and open doors for amazing young women who will change the world for all of us.



Hi, my name is Allie Martinez. I am 20 years old and am currently attending Southern New Hampshire University Online, majoring in graphic design and minoring in psychology. I currently live on my own with my boyfriend, dog, and 3 cats. I am also the social media director for Mamabird Interviews, a position I am very honored to have! I have gone through numerous hardships to make it where I am today , which includes moving out on my own in the midst of a pandemic for the sake of my physical safety and mental health. I am dedicated to achieving my goals and helping as many people as I can along the way. Mamabird Interviews is important to me because of its goals and current success in empowering women! Much issues I have faced in my life were put upon me because of other's and their biases based on gender. Mamabird brings women together so we are no longer alone in our battles. We push each other forward and we all want a better world for everyone. We are a community of strong, intelligent, and powerful women!

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Hi! My name is Lorena Medina. I am 17 years old, I am in my senior year of high school and I am the lead intern here at Mamabird. After high school, I would like to pursue a career in business, more specifically a career in accounting. I currently am working as an accounting apprentice at Homeadvisor, a company that connects homeowners and service professionals for any and all home projects. The apprenticeship program extends up to 3 years and with one more year to go, I have the amazing opportunity of getting my first year in college paid by the program. So far, I have enjoyed the work I hav e done in accounting, but this definitely does not mean that I only want to work as an accountant for the rest of my life. Although I am a very introverted and shy person, I really want to work with people and I want to give back. Right now, I am actively working with my church in a few projects; the bigger ones being the annual toy drive that goes to low-income families in small towns of Chihuahua, Mexico and the other is my church acts like a food bank that supports families in the Denver/ Thornton areas, especially during these tough times amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Now that I am with Mamabird, I know for a fact that I am going to impact more lives that I have ever imagined, and that is really important to me. I am grateful because for the little time I have been at Mamabird, I have learned a lot about myself and of what I truly want my life to look like. I always knew that I wanted to work with and for people, but I never knew where to start. Mamabird is the start of not only my career in humanities, but the start of women empowerment in communities such as Montbello in Colorado. Being the daughter of Mexican parents, I was raised in family-oriented and helping household. I have been taught many things throughout my life, but one that I will always live by is that if you are ever going to give, give only the very best of yourself, not the scraps or what’s leftover. And that is what I plan to do in anything and everything that I do.

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Mamabird has helped me step out of my comfort zone and actually use my voice for issues that I’ve always been passionate about but was too scared to make my voice heard. And all the women apart of this are all truly inspiring and great people to look up to. We live in a world where women especially women of color don’t get a lot of opportunities to be in higher positions and mamabird has done so much to empower women of color in so many different ways and it’s only getting started. I’ve always been introverted my whole life and I tend to care way too much about what other would think about me, this has affected me in a lot of negative ways when it comes to using my voice for something I care about and taking risks. When I was given the opportunity to be apart of mamabird, I wasn’t thinking too much of it but when I met all of the other women apart of mamabird, I found myself getting really comfortable and actually feeling confident enough to voice my opinions because the environment we created helped push me out of my comfort zone. Moving here from Sénégal at a young age and having to adapt to a whole new environment while still maintaining my culture at home has been extremely difficult because I always felt like the black sheep so I would hide my culture as much as possible so I wouldn’t stand out, this has taken a huge mental on my mental health. I was put with Yusura as my mentor and I’ve never connected and related with someone on this level before, I was extremely shocked to find that she went through pretty much the same exact thing I went through. I found her story extremely inspiring because I’ve always doubted myself but seeing that she went through the same thing I did but still thrived helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have this one in a lifetime opportunity to connect with someone on a really deep level without mamabird, so I’m extremely grateful for everything mamabird has done for me in the past month and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.