We will do important work for you. All while economically empowering and open doors for young women of color. Believe in us. Let us create something priceless for your family.

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Imagine having a recorded interview of your parents or grandparents to share with future generations. What would you pay for this today? We feel this is a priceless gift for the entire family. 

The Process: One of our amazing community members will conduct and record a Zoom interview with the loved one(s) of your choosing in order to capture their essence. We will document their family history, family stories, wisdom and advice. The process takes about an hour and a half. This recording will one day be invaluable to you and your entire family. 

Now combine a video that will one day be priceless with the knowledge that you are also helping an amazing young person on their path to success. Please take the time to read our interviewers blog posts about how this work is changing their lives. 

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$333 FOR ONE OR $600 FOR TWO

* 1 One and a half hour interview with one of Mamabirds interviewers and you or the loved one(s) of your choice. 

* A digital download of your interview. 

* $200 of this money goes directly to the interviewer which is life changing money for our team and their families. 

* Recording for you and your families eyes only. 

* These interviews make great and unique gifts for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, and so much more. ( We will send you a beautiful personalized gift certificate to present to your loved one) 

* Don't want to do the interview yourself, or know whom you want us to interview? Sponsor someone else in need. We know many amazing families that would treasure this gift, but do not have the means to purchase. Sponsoring someone else to be interviewed is a great way to support us, and give a gift to someone who will cherish this recording forever. 



Our trained interviewers gain confidence along with real world skills from every interview. Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Social Skills. All prepping them for success in their eventual careers.

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Areyana is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she double majors in journalism and critical media practices with a minor in leadership studies. She has just received the prestigious Newman Civic Fellowship

Janine is currently our lead interviewer. She is a stay at home mother of two and a military spouse. Janine holds space for amazing, extraordinary, everyday people of all backgrounds to share their stories and teachings. Losing her father while in her teens has made her see the importance of documenting the wisdom of our elders.

Yusura was the Valedictorian of her high school class and is currently majoring in Anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver. Yusura’s openness to learn of others cultures and stories creates a comfortable environment for others to speak their truth.

Karla is a mother of 3. She is currently going back to college in order to become a registered oncology nurse. She grew up very fast having her first child in her early teens. Karla has a passion for stories and is an amazing mentor to our younger community members. Karla is also bilingual and conducts interviews in Spanish as well as English.



Over $25,000 has been given directly to our community.


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Mamabird is so thankful for the generosity from the Center for Trauma & Resilience . CTR has offered free Therapy Sessions and group therapy for our Mamabird community. We believe mental health is one of, if not the most important things in the pathway to our young people's success.


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Mamabird has received a $10,000 Grant from the Denver Foundation. This money went directly to the pockets of 15 members of our community. With Mamabird Mentors our community was paid to interview established women to learn from their success and get guidance and mentorship on the future.


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Over the course of the summer months we paid 10 speakers to come speak to our community on a variety of subjects ranging from Mental Health, to Entrepreneurship. We have found our community members are able to retain so much more after graduating high school due to their lived life experiences. We called these classes Mamabird Gradschool.